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McHenry Project Consultants exists to provide turn-key development services for any type of commercial business. We specialize in assisting retailers, small businesses and private individuals with the development, implementation and oversight of their construction project, whether it be an expansion, relocation or de novo venture.

We look to lead in the development of our clients’ projects by providing superior customer service and project management. We approach each job as if it were our own, making it a priority to ensure all decisions made are in the best interest of our client, regardless of the capacity we serve them.

Being based in Baltimore, our market is small to mid-size businesses, retailers and franchisees interested in expanding throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and across the country. It is our goal to provide complete consulting packages from project conception to Grand Opening.

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Christopher DeLuca – Development Expert


Christopher DeLuca is an experienced veteran of the financial institution construction and real estate industry.  Having worked for M&T Bank in charge of all retail and corporate new construction and renovation, he has direct experience with banking project management.  Mr. DeLuca also has extensive knowledge in financial institution site selection, as well as a strong background in banking equipment, security equipment, ATM’s, and the numerous other banking specific functions.

Mr. DeLuca has managed large scale rebranding and renovation projects using a base of General Contractors and A&E professionals and is now offering his experience and expertise to other financial institutions in the Mid-Atlantic and across the country.  He also maintains his broker’s license in Maryland and Virginia and has experience in historical restoration and multi-family home building.

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