M and T Bank/Wilmington Trust Acquisition and Conversion

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M and T Bank/Wilmington Trust Acquisition and Conversion


M and T Bank had acquired Wilmington Trust in an acquisition. The bank was going to convert the retail branch locations in to M&T Branded Banks and retain the Wilmington Trust commercial banking offices across the United States and Internationally. The Wilmington Trust offices were going to get an updated branding and finish schedule during the conversion as well. We had to oversee the renovation and conversation of both the retail and commercial office locations


MPC was tasked with surveying, designing, and managing the conversion and renovation process for 43 Retail Locations and 33 Commercial locations across the United States, Europe, and the Caribbean.

With only a four-month closing period, the survey, fabrication, and renovation plan has to be expedited from the start. Our team was able to successfully rebrand and renovate all of the acquired locations during the official conversation weekend


M&T Bank had a unified retail-banking portfolio, which expanded their retail footprint into 43 new banking markets. They were also able to keep the Wilmington Trust commercial operation goodwill to expand their trust and business banking portfolio is only a four month time period.

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